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We live in a world today where it is popular to be religious, but not always popular to be a Christian. So many people claim to be Christian, but their actions show differently. This I believe has caused some people to be skeptical about Christians. We live in a great nation which was founded on the Jewish and Christian beliefs. With our laws based on these beliefs. Whatever the world sees in those who proclaim themselves Christian, or however these people may act, there is one thing certain. When a person is born-again into the kingdom of God, it will make a difference in the way they talk, act, and think. If there is no difference, then maybe there is no difference.
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Bible Study Downloads
Several Choices Now Available
  • Bible Study on the Epistle of First John - 
    This is free study is 28 pages long. I wrote it for small group or individual use. The goal is to make you think about what each verse says. It reverences similar scriptures to compare with what the verse in First John says.
    Learn more about the study on First John.

  • Study on The Romans Road - 
    This study is based on an old Gospel track call the Romans Road to Salvation. Each of the scriptures are carefully studied and compared with the rest of scripture to get a good picture of what it means to be a Christian. This a much deeper study and is available in three versions. 
    Learn more about the study on Romans
Free Audio Bible Downloads Now on Light Inside 
I have found some great Audio Bibles on the internet that are free to download. One of them is even in the public domain and you can make copies and give them away. They are all in the mp3 format, but you can easily burn them to an audio CD and listen to them in the car or where ever you want. They are perfect for loading onto your i-Pod or other mp3 player. Click above to go to a page with links and information on four of the sites and the downloads on this site.

Writings By Aaron Bruce:

On Holy Communion -  Does God get you if you receive Communion with sin in your life?
How Are We Tested - The Bible speaks of our being tested. How and why are we tested?
Thoughts from My Heart - God is real! How can men worship that which is not real?
How To Become A Christian - What does a person have to do become a Christian?
Accepted In The Beloved - How and why is man accepted by God?
Reign of Spiritual Death - Why is man separated from God and do bad things?
Our Redemption in Christ - Why does the Bible call Jesus the second Adam?
Closer To The Light - How does a Christian know wrong? And, why do right?
Parable of the Sower - What is in this parable for the church today?
Links to Christian Sites - A few Reality places on the WEB. 

Recommenced Reading
Some of my favorite Christian Books
 Motivational Gifts
  • In the Grip of Grace - by Max Lucado. Our relationship with God is all grace. We sometimes distort it and make it legalism. Putting ourselves back under legalism after accepting grace is exactly what living the Christian life is about.
  • Unmerited Favor - by Joseph Prince. We do not deserve the Grace we get for salvation. We also do not deserve anything good which comes to us from God. Our lives are just unmerited favor from a God who loves us.
  • The Shack - by William P. Young.   This novel challenges us to think about forgiveness and its value, more than most serious bible studies or sermons we will ever hear.

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