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Small Group Study of Our Gifts

This page is devoted to the small group study of the Gifts. This group is a Growth Group. That means it meets for about four weeks during the twelve week semester. Most of the Life Groups meet for twelve or more weeks.. On this page you will find lessons, downloads, comments and maybe some additional information about sources of further study. Please visit this page often if you can. It will be an informal blog page to keep us informed and I will try to keep it updated often. Feel free to email me at any time and I will answer as soon as I can.  


View or Download the Lessons in pdf Format


1. Handout for Lesson 1
2. Handout for Lesson 2
3. Handout for Lesson 3
4. Handout for Lesson 4

The handouts are shortened versions of the lesson plan

Complete Lesson Plans

1.  Introduction to Our Gifts
2.  The Seven Motivational Gifts - Lesson 1
3.  The Seven Motivational Gifts - Lesson 2
4.  The Seven Motivational Gifts - Lesson 3
5.  The Seven Motivational Gifts - Lesson 4

The complete lesson plans and handouts are provided here
in the event you miss a Group Meeting

Designed for Destiny
What is Going On So Far In the Growth Group


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