Bible Study on the book of Romans

This study on the book of Romans is based loosely on an old witnessing track called The Romans Road to Salvation. It is not nearly a complete study on the entire book of Romans. 

An introduction and instructions are located in the first pages of the study. I encourage you to read them. I want you to get an idea of the goal I had in mind when I compiled the study from notes and lessons I wrote for a Sunday School study.

About the Different Versions
Individual Study version is in one part and written for individual use or in a small group which doesn't have a teacher. This version is complete with notes, commentaries, and answers to some questions immediately after the question. Complete Study 40 pages

Student-Teacher version is in two parts and each is a separate download. This version is designed to use in a class which has a teacher or leader. There is a Student and Teacher version in this study. The Student version does not have all notes and commentaries in it. The notes, commentaries and answers are found in the Teacher version and are highlighted as blue text. This version also available as a word processor file you can edit and use. 
Student 32 pages and Teacher 46 pages



Romans Road Bible Study in pdf Files
Left click the link to view the file in your browser or Right click the link and chose "save link as" without opening the file in your browser. I have put the different versions separate so you can download only the version you will use.

  1. Individual Study Version.pdf
  2. Student Study Version.pdf
  3. Teacher Version.pdf

Romans Road Bible Study in Open Office Files
Right click the link and choose "save link as" to download the file to your computer. The file can be opened with a word processor and edited as suits your needs. The "odt" files will not open in your browser.

  1. Student Study Version.odt
  2. Teacher Version.odt

more information on OpenOffice and "odt" files....

I sure hope you enjoy the study and that you learn more about God's Word and what it says about our salvation.

Serving the King, 
Aaron Bruce