Closer To The Light

When a person is born again into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of God, he is freed from the domain of darkness and Satan. He knows at that very moment certain things are wrong for him. As he studies the Word and listens to Spirit led teaching and preaching, he grows closer to the Lord. As he gets closer to the Lord it is something like moving closer to a light. When you are way back from a light there are no distinct shadows. Everything is mostly in a grey area. As you move closer to the light, the shadows grow more distinct. Like wise as you get closer to the Lord you move closer to the light in a spiritual sense. When you move closer to the light, things which you never knew were wrong, all of the sudden seem wrong to you. And you want to quit them. As the light of God's grace shines brighter on you, you see things you need to do, that you want to do, which you never considered before. The closer to the light you are the more difference there is between the light and the shadow. More difference between right and wrong.

The scriptures tell us in Romans that those who God knew would be saved, He determined and predestined that they should "be conformed to the image of His beloved Son." That is that they would become more and more like Jesus. That their love for God would become more like Jesus love for the Father. II Corinthians 4:6 says, "For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." As the light of God shines into our lives it brings light and enlightenment. The Psalmist said, "The entrance of Thy word bringeth light." One of the ways that we let the light of God shine in our hearts, one of the ways that we move closer to the light is by the entrance of God's word into our hearts. When we read the Word, God can speak to us through it. God wants us to grow as his children. First Thessalonians says "Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day, we are not of the night, nor of darkness." God wants to show us more and more of what we need to put aside and show us more and more of what we can become.

This is to glorify His Son. It is not so we can earn our salvation. It is not so we can earn blessings. It is not so we can earn answers to our prayers and the things we request of Him. Some teach today we must live such and such a way if we expect God to answer our prayers. I once thought this was the case. When in fact all that God will do for you was paid for on Calvary. If we could live in such a way as to merit answered prayers, what is the method used to "keep score"? How would we earn "prayer points" to get an answer? Would a big thing require more points? If so would that be because it would be harder for God or because we would have to deserve more to get a big prayer request answered? The truth is that all God will do for you was paid for in full on Calvary. Jesus has paid the full price. Our redemption is complete and our redemption is not just the forgiveness of sin. It is total absolute righteousness before God. It is in this righteousness which we must stand when we stand before God. The faith we must have is in this righteousness as we go before God in prayer; not only to make our request known, but to thank Him. What a thankful heart one has who understands his imputed righteousness in God's sight. So when we try to live a sanctified life, what should our motivation be? Many Christians are afraid of that word sanctified or sanctification. It should just mean living a holy life. The answer to our motivation is simple. We should because we love Him and desire to get the things He doesn't like out of our lives. As we move closer to Him, this will happen. This is difficult for many because we live in a time when many are in bondage to the law. Just as they were in the days when Paul preached. If we let God's light shine in our hearts, from close up, we will have a thankful heart filled with love and determination to live a holy sanctified walk. After I have done all I can do and put forth my best effort at living holy, let me say, "I am but an unfaithful servant". God says I am holy, blameless, and prefect and that He will hear my prayer. I don't know about you but I believe God and I am going to approach Him on that fact. I am holy, blameless, and perfect. I want to move closer to The Light.

Written October 1998 by: Aaron Bruce
While on a Mountain Bike ride recently and then on the drive home, I began to think about the things here. I decided to write them down and study on it a little. I found the word "light" occurs 43 times in 38 verses in Acts through Revelation. Light occurs 33 times in 28 verses in Romans through Revelation. I decided I will study more on the use of the word light in the New Testament or perhaps the whole Bible; and when I do, maybe publish it here.