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The Sovereignty of God part 2. Does God ever change his mind. Here are some thoughts on that and some Scriptures I came across about God relenting or changing his mind.
Ramblings - Does God Change His Mind
All Christians believe God is Sovereign but that means different things to different people.

Ramblings - The Sovereignty of God
Some Christians read the Bible often. Some others seldom or almost never read the Bible. I have just been wondering why not.
Ramblings - Reading the Bible
The end of the book of Matthew has what many call the Great Commission. What really is the Great Commission and what is involved in carrying it out?
Ramblings - What is the Great Commission
We see God act in the Old Testament. But how does God act in the world today under grace? Exactly what is the nature of God? Will he beat us up to get our attention?
Ramblings - The Nature of God
Jesus gave the job to his followers to make disciples. I think most of us have an idea of what a disciple of Jesus would look like. Do you believe the modern American church is doing a good job of making disciples, or are we just making members?

Ramblings - Disciples or Church Members
We hear much about how much Jesus loves us. Sometimes the preaching and teaching we hear does not convey that love. The scriptures says we love him because he first loved us. If the church wants people to fall in love with Jesus, then we have to tell and show them that Jesus does love them.
Ramblings - Preaching the Love of Jesus
Sometimes most of us wonder about our faith. We wonder if it is enough. We wonder if our faith is strong enough and if our righteousness is good enough. It is what we put our faith in that matters most. And what do we think the source of our righteousness is matters most of all. After pondering all about this, I realized, sometimes we put our faith in the wrong thing.
Ramblings - What is My Faith in and Does it Matter
I visited a local church one Wednesday evening. That local pastor was making very negative statements about other preachers. I don't know why he put down some other preachers. I just know I was very uncomfortable while he did it. I was really wondering if he was speaking the heart of Jesus that night. Here are just some thoughts I had about it.
Ramblings - When Christ is Proclaimed I Rejoice
Have you ever considered some of the things which Jesus taught as he went about his ministry here on earth? He said some revolutionary things. He told the religious leaders of his day that their actions were important, but it was the heart that mattered. Does everything Jesus said apply to believers today. He taught to those under the law and we are under grace. Just something to think on.
Ramblings - Does All That Jesus Taught Apply to Me
Have you ever thought about why believers need to confess our sins? Have you searched the New Testament to see exactly what it says about that? I know we hear it regularly in many of our churches and it makes sense. It seems logical, but grace is not logical. Grace is a mystery. No dogmatic statement, just something for you to think on.   

Ramblings - Do We Need to Keep our Sins Confessed
Last week I had some Rambling and Random thoughts about prayer in the lives of church members today. I certainly don't have any real answers, but just thought about what I know about the subject, or at least what I think I know. Everyone knows prayer is the most vital part of our relationship with God. So I am wondering why we are not better at prayer. Here are some thoughts I had on the subject of prayer in the lives of some church members.
Ramblings - Prayer in Churches in America
Here are Rambling and Random thoughts about the Parable Jesus told about a sower that sowed seed that fell on different types of soil. I thought, what if the different types of soil represented different types of churches today. Just as the type of soil determined what happened to the seed and then the plant after it landed on the ground, the type of church can largely determine what happens to a person after they are saved.
Ramblings - The Parable of the Sower

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