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The World English Bible is a modern language Bible which is based on the American Standard Bible. The language has been updated for modern readers and is an excellent version. It is in the Public Domain and is Free.

The New Testament and Psalms are available here. I have reformatted them so each book of the Bible plays like an album and each verse one song.

They are zip files and when they are unzipped they will be mp3 files. How you download the files depends on your version of Windows or Mac operating system.

To download right click the file and choose "save as." Depending on your operating system you may left click the file and it will prompt you to "open" or "save" the file, if so save the file.

What is an mp3 file? 
It is a compressed audio format which is normally only about  10 percent as large as the file size on a normal music CD. The mp3 Audio Bible files are compressed even further because voice does not need the quality reproduction of music. They are only about 2 % as large meaning a CD will hold 50 times as much in this mp3 format as a normal audio CD would hold.


In the table below are the Books and their approximate size
Below the table you can find instructions about how to use the mp3 files


Matthew WEB zip  -  21 MB Colossians WEB zip  -  12 MB 1 John WEB zip  -  3 MB
Mark WEB zip  -  13 MB 1 Thessalonians WEB zip  -  2 MB  2 John WEB zip  -  0.3 MB
Luke WEB zip  -  22 MB 2 Thessalonians WEB zip  -  1 MB 3 John WEB zip  -  0.3 MB
John WEB zip  -  17 MB 1 Timothy WEB zip  -  3 MB Jude WEB zip  -  0.7 MB
Acts WEB zip  -  20 MB 2 Timothy WEB zip  -  2 MB Revelation WEB zip  -  10 MB
Romans WEB zip  -  8.5 MB Titus WEB zip  -  2 MB Psalm 1-25 WEB zip  -  7 MB
1 Corinthians WEB zip  -  8.4 MB Philemon WEB zip  -  0.5 MB Psalm 26-50 WEB zip  -  8 MB
2 Corinthians WEB zip  -  5.6 MB Hebrews WEB zip -  6 MB Psalm 51-75 WEB Zip  -  7.7 MB
Galatians WEB zip  -  3 MB James WEB zip  -  2 MB Psalm 76-100 WEB zip  -  7.3 MB
Ephesians WEB zip  -  3 MB 1 Peter WEB zip  -  3 MB Psalm 101-125 WEB zip  -  10 MB
Philippians WEB zip  -  2 MB 2 Peter WEB zip  -  1.5 MB Psalm 126-150 WEB zip  -  5 MB

What You Can Do With The mp3 Files

Once you have downloaded the "zip" files you will have to extract them. This can usually be done by right clicking the zip file and choose "extract all". Once this is done you will have mp3 compressed audio files.
  • You can load these on your mp3 player or phone according their instructions.
  • You can create an mp3 CD which will play in most newer CD players both at home and in automobiles. This is done by burning a data disc. This is a very handy format because the entire New Testament and Psalms will fit on one CD. Each book and each chapter will play in order on most players. I formatted them so Psalms will play last. Most often I want to listen to the New Testament.
  • You can create an audio CD which should play in all CD players. It will take several CD's to hold just the New Testament. Of course you can create a CD with the books you want to listen to most on it.
  • And easiest of all you can play them on your computer.
  • Some devices play files from a jump drive or thumb drive and you can easily load them on to one of those.
I hope you enjoy the World English Bible Audio Bible New Testament and Psalms.
If you have problems or they don't work for you, please let me know.

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