Trussville Sports Complex

Location Trail Type Difficulty Length Fee
Trussville, AL Single/Double Track Beginner - Intermediate ?? Miles Free

Great set of trails in Trussville !
There are 4 to 6 miles of trail and it is not finished.

Trussville Trail Map: I got a copy of a map from Cahaba Cycles. It is a black and white copy of a color map. I have had to modify it so that it is readable. I will improve it some after I have ridden the trails more.




The Ride

My riding experience here is very limited, but plan to ride it more. My description of the trails is pretty lame. Maybe someone who knows more will e-mail me some info soon. Maybe a map. If you are parked in the baseball field parking lot this is the description. Pick up the trail on the back side of the parking lot. Start riding on this trail clockwise. Take a trail named Dead Dog Trail when you come to it. Ride it to the tennis courts. Take the pavement to the left a short distance to Big Mountain Loop on the left side of the road. This will come out on the pavement above the soccer fields. Ride down the back of the soccer fields. Stay off of the field. Go behind the fence. Follow you nose and bear left until you pick up a single track which will go to the right. Ride this single track, Pump House Trail, as it switches back and forth up the side of the mountain. This is the best part of the ride. After a couple of miles of trail you will come out on the entrance not far from the gate. Ride the paved bike path to the right and watch for a trail to enter the woods down to the left. Take it and follow it back to the baseball field parking.

Local Contact

As soon as I find out I will put it here. The local bike shops are a little vague just to be honest with you. If you get the right person there they can tell you something. The wrong person won't know as much as I do.

Please send corrections, additions, or comments to.
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