A poem by Aaron Bruce
     The Key
What are the ways?
   Who has the Key?
   Can the code of life be broken?
Shall the plan for a man be discerned?
   Or shall he wander,
      As one who has no map?
   And will he go forth as one,
      Who can not read his directions?
   Because he does not know the code,
      Nor have the Key?
God has the Key.
   Only He can reveal the code!
For He has made the plans,
   And drawn the maps.
Will he share the Key,
   And give the code to those who seek?
Or will He sit back as one,
   Who does not care?
Will he laugh at mans efforts,
and trials in vain?
Will He keep all as secrets,
   To do no good?
Can the heart of God be so hard;
   As to not care for this man He's made?
To guide him on his journey;
   Through this land of time;
   And show him the way he should go.
Yes, and a thousand times yes.
God will not keep,
   All his secrets His own,
   But will share them with a man,
   And guide him between birth and death.
For Christ is the Key;
   And He is the Way.
The code is love.
   For God is love.
Ask and you shall know,
   Seek and you will find.
As the mother bird gives food,
   To the hungry mouth,
   So the Lord,
   Satisfies the hungry heart!
But what of them who seek a way,
   That is not the Lord's way?
They shall indeed stumble in the dark.
And stump their toe,
   As one going in the night.
For the way is hard,
   And full of pain,
   That is not the Lord's way.

This was written July 15, 1989 while
on a backpacking trip in the Snowbird
Mountains of North Carolina. Early
one morning from a hammock near
a stream surrounded by mountain 
laurels and giant hemlock trees
I was filled with wonder at the
vastness of creation and creator.

Written by Aaron Bruce
May not be used without permission.