Silver Comet Trail

Location Trail Type Difficulty Length Fee
Smyrna to Alabama- Georgia Line Paved Railroad Bed Beginner 61.5 miles Free

DESCRIPTION: The Silver Comet Trail is a converted Rails-to-trails ride. It starts eleven miles North of Atlanta, Ga. It is now complete to the Alabama-Georgia State line. There it connects with the Chief Ladiga Trail. This will form one trail which will go from Atlanta, GA, to Anniston, AL, or a distance of about ninety (90) miles. When this dream is realized it will be an even more valuable asset for many people in the surrounding area. I have ridden through two lighted tunnels on the Silver Comet. One is under US 278 near Van Wert, GA, and the other under Brushy Mountain, about 8 miles from Rockmart. The section SE of the Coots Lake Trail Head is a very scenic and remote section of the trail. An update is coming when I ride the remainder of the trail. For the latest and most accurate information visit the web site. The Georgia Department of Transportation has supported this trail effort. Where the railroad was not accessible for trail use they helped to locate the trail on the right-of-way of US278. That part of the trail is different and more hills than most of the trail, but it is great.

WHO USES THIS TRAIL: Young folks, old folks, retired folks, families with kids, will be seen on the trail. Local folks and people who travel hundreds of miles to bicycle, skate, run, or walk the trail. It is suitable for families because of the level trail with great views of the Georgia landscape.

FACILITIES: The site shows parking areas for bikers, walkers, runners, and such. There are many parking areas along the trail, many with rest room and other facilities. Some of them are very near stores and restaurants.

DIRECTIONS: The park in Rockmart is an excellent start for a ride on the trail. There were no signs on the roads pointing to the trail head and parking. If traveling East on US 278 watch for Hi-way 6 business to the right. This will take you through downtown Rockmart. The park is easy to see from a bridge on Hi-way 6. The park and river-walk are below the bridge. There appears to be ample parking and the park is beautiful and well cared for. There are many nice places along the trail with benches for resting or looking at some of the scenery.
In Dallas the trail head is directly off of US 278 loop around Dallas. It is located between mile markers 7 and 8. There is a sign on the highway. After turning follow the road out to the nursery.

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Last updated: 08/10/09
Author: Aaron and Alabama Mountain Biking