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Wish I Had Said That

Mountain biking is about adventure and the rediscovery of your childhood freedom. It removes you from the daily grind and puts you in an environment with endless possibilities - wildlife, epic views, a personal epiphany about what really matters, and tasting your own endorphins after a long, hard climb. The reward is looking back at obstacles, that are now behind you, and feeling like anything's possible. - Gary Kline

My Latest RAVE

One of out newer trails is near Anniston, Alabama, on Coldwater Mountain and is destined to be one of the best single track trail systems anywhere. Give it a try. Alabama winters are sometimes mild and great for mountain biking.

Another new trail system is in Gadsden, Alabama. It is located at Noccalula Falls Park. The trails are behind the Campground and are made up of many short trails which can be combined for many different rides. Give it a try. Thank you Gadsden Outfitters for your support there.

............... Dream it! Plan it! Do it!
Get out while you can ! ! !

Earth's crammed with Heaven,
and every common bush afire with God;
but only he who sees takes off his shoes.
                Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Mountain Biking Stories, Outdoor Experiences, Photos, and Poems

Reasons I Like Mountain Biking
How I Got Started Mountain Biking
An Experience with an Energy Sucking Trail Anomaly
The Key - a poem

Photo Album Section

Visit my new Photo Album. Biking & other outdoor photos !
Photo Gallery Page 1 - thumbnail images of 12 photos mostly biking
Photo Gallery Page 2 - thumbnail images of 8 photos biking & hiking
Photo Gallery Page 3 - thumbnail images of 7 Lighthouses in GA & SC
Photo Gallery Page 4 - thumbnail images on the Chief Ladiga Trail
Photo Gallery Page 5 - pictures of the unpaved part of the CLT
Photo Gallery Page 6 - pictures of the Silver Comet Trail in GA
Photo Gallery Page 7 - pictures from the Sipsey Wilderness Area

My license plate appears in January '99, Mountain Bike Action Magazine! Click tag to see it.

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