McClellan MTB Trail


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This trail is located on old Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama. This is trail system and the trails total about 10 miles. This the first Mountain Bike Trail certified by the NICA, National Interscholastic Cycling Association. The dedicated purpose is school sponsored MTB teams. The program is now run by the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling Association. The trails are open to everyone and are free. Information about race dates can be found at 

The trails are rated as easy to intermediate, but some skill is required. There are climbs that might be difficult for some and some trails have downhills that generate some speed. The trails do not have any rocky sections or difficult places. Although the trails ride like singletrack many of them are wide enough to pass. They are fun trails.

This trail can be crowded on weekends and bikes should yield to walkers and runners.

Much thanks is owed to the city of Anniston, the Northeast Alabama Cycling Association, IMBA, and the McClellan Development Authority.


The trails are named Reveille, WAC, 2 Star Betty, and Retreat are the four original trails. WAC and 2 Star Betty are loops. Here is how the trails are laid out. Reveille via a series of switchbacks climbs up the hill and joins with WAC. The WAC loop later joins 2 Star Betty. Which then rejoins WAC. Those trail markers have the letters "TH" on them which denotes that that section of WAC will join Retreat and take you back to the Trail Head.

The second phase added four trails, CC SYKES, FREEDOM RIDER, WIGLEYVILLE, and YORK TOWN.

The third phase added three trails SUNSET HILL, SLOAN'S FURNACE, and FREEFALL. It also added some rock features where Wigleyvile, 2 Star Betty, and WAC all meet on an old roadbed.

The trails are clearly marked, but the junctions with the other trails are sometimes confusing. I have met more than one person who did not know which trail to take in order to return to the trail head. On one ride there I met a first time rider who was lost. I told him to take WAC to get to Retreat. He failed to take the part of WAC marked with the "TH" letters, but took the other half. When I saw him the next time we were close to the section of WAC marked "TH" for Trealhead and he was able to take it.


These maps are from the McClellan Development Authority. North is at the bottom instead of the top. This map prints on one page. This map prints on two pages for greater detail. The two pages can be taped together.
Original Map - Prints on One Page Expanded Map Top Half
 The maps below are in the format of pdf files. Each file should print on one page better that the jpg files. Expanded Map Bottom Half
McClellan Map Top Half pdf file
McClellan Map Bottom Half pdf file

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