Off-Road Vehicle Trails

General statistics:

Access: Dusty dirt road FS # 643
Parking: Excellent parking area
Drinking Water: none
Restrooms: Yes, at parking area
Information Board: Poor, usually has no map or current information
Trail length: 18+ miles
Where is it? Map of General Vicinity: for directions to trail
Map of the Trail Map of the ORV Trails: a map of the trails
For More Info:

District Ranger
USDA Forest Service
1001 North Street (Highway 21 North)
Talladega, AL 35160

District Ranger
USDA Forest Service
450 Highway 46
Heflin, AL 36264

Kentuck ORV Trail Description

The Kentuck ORV trail is located in Northern Talladega County in the Talladega National Forest at the base of Kentuck Mountain. It is easily accessed from Highway 21 via. McIntosh Road and Forest Service road # 643. See the directions map to locate the trail.

The trail was designed for ORV's which include four-wheelers and dirt bikes. It is also open to Mountain Bikes. The trail is like a very narrow road out through the woods and is unlike most ORV trails I have biked on. The best time to ride is during the summer when the trail dries out. I have been told it is very muddy when wet and it looks as if it would be sticky clay. I have avoided it except during very dry weather. I have also stayed away on weekends and have seen few, almost no, people using it.

The trail is a blast to ride on a Mountain Bike. It is mostly smooth and fast, but certainly not flat. The Forest Service has in times past done an excellent job of maintaining it and I hope they will continue to do so. There are some very steep climbs and some very fast down hills. The hills have water bars and terraces to prevent washing. These make interesting riding on the down hills. You can and will get big air on some of them, maybe even if you don't want to. It is a place which dictates that you take it easy until you are familiar with the trail. If you are carrying too much speed when you cross one of these humps across the trail you will quickly become another casualty. The trail has claimed some riders and bikes (broken bones and such). Some of the trail is almost flat as it follows around the hills and hollers. Some of it follows a flat ridge top after a steep climb. Unless you are in good condition you will find yourself pushing up some of the steep sections. The trail does not really match the map very well. You must pay close attention at trail starts and junctions or you will end up lost. This is a different type ride and is a great deal of fun for a change.

Ride with care!
The combinations of fast down hills, speed bumps, and sharp curves can spell disaster.
Your safety is your responsibility.

Last Updated: 1/30/99
Written by: Aaron Bruce