Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails

Coldwater mountain is one of the premiere Mountain Biking trail systems in Alabama and possibly in the Southeast. There are over 35 miles of singletrack trails here. This is all made possible by Forever Wild Alabama, the North East Alabama Bicycle Association, the city of Anniston, Alabama and too many dedicated people who made this trail possible.

The trails can be accessed from two trailheads. One is 401-455 Monsanto St. Anniston, AL and is nearest Anniston. The other is 1661 Coldwater Road and is the original trailhead. The trails here vary in suitability from those who have little experience to those who's skill level on a mountain bike is highly developed. Trails such as the Three Bears at the Coldwater trail head only require stamina and minimum skill. Trails such as Gazza and Bomb Dog require more skill.

Care should be taken when biking here. Most of the trails are rocky and some are quite remote. Realize and know your skill level and don't attempt to ride trails that are way above it. Skill comes by riding more and working on your skills.

For the latest information on Coldwater MTB trails visit the Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association web site. You can also find a good description of each trail, if you need that to plan your trip to Coldwater.

Trail Maps
This is the original map from and does not print well on most printers.
The maps below are modified from the original map to make them larger more useable.
They print on multiple sheets which can be aligned to get a better idea of the trail system.

These maps do not show PIP Trail or Jordies Trail. Both are black diamond trails.

This map is split in half allowing each
half to print on one sheet of paper

This map is divided to print on three pages. This allows
the details on the map to be more easily read.

I rode Coldwater Mountain in late spring of 2023. Headed up Tortoise until I took Power Trip to Radio GAGA. Then Eastman to Rocky and Bullwinkle to Blowhard. When I got back to Tortoise, I took it to the top of Hare. Back to the Trailhead parking, Hare was a blast. The last time I rode Hare was over two years ago and it is a different trail now. I did actually see some rock outcroppings that I recognized, but other that that is was a different trail. I do not think the trails, which I rode, get much traffic. That is a shame because they are fun trails. I should have included Oval Office in my ride, but did not know to ride it. The Three Bears and the associated trails get most of the glory, I believe. Some have claimed that Bomb Dog is the best trail in Alabama. I will find out soon.  


I plan more updates for this page soon, probably early 2023.

Maybe with photographs, trail descriptions, and links to my YouTube videos.