Instructions for viewing and printing map:
The map in on two sheets. To view either half of the map simply click the thumbnail or link under the map. To print the map properly you may have to set the page properties for your browser or part of each half will be missing. This is a good default margin setting for the browser anyway. In IE4 or IE5, click "File" in the browser "pull-down" menu. Then click "Page Setup...". The margins need to be 0.5 inches or less. Your browser is very smart and will not let you set the margins less than your printer can handle. The easiest method I have found is to TAB down to "left margin". When it is highlighted, simply type 0 (that is zero) for the value. Press the TAB key again and the smallest allowable value will automatically be placed in the box. Repeat this with the Right, Top, and Bottom values. After the ZERO is typed in each of the four boxes press the TAB key then select "OK". When you print each half, they should over lap a small amount and create one map of the trail. If this does not work for you e-mail me and I will help you if I can.