Driving Directions to Parking Areas
Chief Ladiga Trail

The trail crosses US 9 several blocks from US 278 and is easily seen when traveling on US 9. This is also North Main Street. Traveling South on 9 from 278, Turn left on to Seaboard Blvd. It runs along the North side of the trail and parallels the trail for several blocks. On the second block there is a parking lot on the left side, North side, of this road. The back of the Post Office can be seen across the parking lot. This is a very good place to park as there is usually plenty of room and the trail is just across the road.

Just West of Town to ride toward Jacksonville
There is another parking area which is good if you are riding toward Jacksonville. This area can be located as follows. If you are traveling South on US 9(N. Main) from US 278 watch for the First Baptist Church of Piedmont on the right side of 9. Turn right, West, on the first street after the church. This road is East Ladiga and goes beside the church. Travel West on this road for 2 1/2 blocks and watch for a good gravel parking area on the left side of this road. There is an equipment building and a bike rack in this lot. This is also a good parking area.

Eubanks Welcome Center
The Eubanks Welcome Center may be the best place to park a vehicle and ride. From US 9, or North Main Street, turn East on East Ladiga St. This will take you through down town. Past the Public Services Building and the U. S. Post Office. Travel three (3) blocks on East Ladiga and watch for Dailey St. on the right side. Turn right on Dailey and travel about one block. When you cross the trail you will see the Eubanks Welcome Center on the left. A big paved parking lot is behind the welcome center.

Park Near the Eastern End
If you want to ride toward the Georgia line and ride a Mountain Bike on the gravel portion of the trail, or park near the Eastern end of the trail and ride, there are two good places to park. I have parked in the parking lot of the Bethel United Methodist Church. Another is at the Chief Ladiga Trading Post. To get to the church take 278 east through Piedmont. When 278 joins another road and makes a left turn at the Eastern end of Piedmont, go straight across instead of following 278. You will see Nances Creek on the right side of the road. This road will dead end into Vigo Road. Take the left and follow it for a two of miles watching for Hibble Hwy and the church on the right across the trail. The Trading Post is 3/4 mile before you get to the church and located on the left side of Vigo Rd. You can get snacks and drinks here. Bethel UMC is only a couple of miles from the end of the pavement and the bridge that crosses Terrapin Creek. The trail across the bridge is rough gravel, but a good ride on a mountain bike. I was told you could ride all the way to Georgia. That is not correct. I have ridden out the unpaved part of the trail for about 3 1/2 miles. There you will encounter an unimproved trestle. It must be 150 feet long and part of it is burned. It is not safe to cross this trestle. The ride on the up-paved portion is not to rough for a mountain bike, but should not be attempted on a road bike. This is a very beautiful and remote part of the trail. I sure hope it is completed soon.

Germania Springs
There are several good places to park here. One very popular one is in the Germania Springs Park. This park is located on hi-way 21 North going toward Piedmont. When leaving the University proper, traveling North on hi-way 21, watch for the park and a road turning into the park on the left side of the road. Just before the road into the parking area, the ball fields of the park will be on the left side of the road. This park has facilities and this makes it a desirable place to park.

Near the campus on high-way 204
A small but very well kept parking area is on hi-way 204 just at the Western edge of the University campus. The parking area is on the North of 204 and is easy to spot. The trail appears to end here as of September 2001, but takes up again on the other side of the University. The section across the campus will be completed soon. If you want to ride toward Weaver and Anniston, ride across 204 and follow the lightly traveled road as it goes beside some fraternity housing and curves around to the right. If you look to the left side of the road you can see the trail about 100 feet away.

Across 204 on Campus
Parking is permited during non-school hours across the Alabama 204 access point in the lot of Self Hall on the JSU campus. This is just across the street from the CLT at AL 204 and may be necessary on weekends.

Mountain Street
There is a parking area and access point next to the trail on the West end of Mountain Street. This is next to the old Norfolk Southern Depot. This old Depot will become a welcome center for the CLT in Jacksonville. The exterior rehab will begin soon.

Francis Street
There is also parking on the West end of Francis Street next to the trail.

Jacksonville High School
Parking is permitted during non-school hours in the lot of the new Jacksonville High School. This is on the west end of George Douthit Road. There is a 700 foot paved connection fron the JHS to the CLT already in place.

The city park in Weaver is a great place to park and ride. There are rest rooms and other facilities at this park. It is not easy to find if you are traveling from Jacksonville as the roads leading to it are not well signed. It is easy to find from Anniston. Follow the directions to Woodland Park and drive past it on Weaver Road. Keep traveling on it and the park is less than two miles from Woodland Park.

Dr. Mike Tucker Memorial in Woodland Park near Weaver and in Anniston is the present terminus of the trail. This is a great place to park. If traveling in on I-20 this is the quickest access to the trail. From US 431, take US 21 North when 431 turns to the left and 21 goes straight. This is also McClellan Blvd. Travel about 2 miles and turn left onto Weaver Road. This intersection is difficult to find as the street sign for Weaver Rd. is not very visible. By searching for the intersection of 21 and Weaver Rd. on one of the Internet map sites you can access a good map of this intersection. Woodland park is less than one mile out Weaver Rd. and is on the left side of the road. There are no facilities at this park, but it is a very good access point to the trail.

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