Cheaha State Park Mountain Bike Trail
Cheaha Express

Reported that April 2023 Cheaha Express in very poor condition

I read that the bike trail here was cleared and was in good condition in December of 2020. I have not been to check it out. It was once a good ride. It starts on the right side of the road right at the entrance gate to the state park. Payment is on the honor system most of the time. The actual length of the system of trails are approximately 10 miles. Because of loops on the trail which beg to be repeated, an actual ride will probably be more. There is certainly enough trail here for a good ride. 

 Camping in Cheaha State Park would make a good central location for a great week of Mountain Bike riding. There are four (4) trail systems in this area. This trail is not far from three other trail systems. One is McClellan on the old fort, Henry Farms in Jacksonville, and the other is on Coldwater Mountain. All four of these trails are separated by a drive of 20 to 40 minutes.  The trails on these 4 systems vary from beginner level trails to Black Diamond difficult.

 Parking and Fees
There is plenty of parking in the parking lot above the store at the entrance to Cheaha State Park. I prefer to ride from there and the return will be downhill. The start of the trail is on the right side of the road at the entrance gate and fee building for the park. The start of the trail should be plainly marked. I don't know what the fee per person is. When I rode there I would always drop it in the honor system box at the gate as there has never been anyone there when I have ridden, always early in the morning.

Trail Map
Click on the thumbnail for a printable map of the State Park and the Trails

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