Black Creek Trails
Gadsden, Alabama

this page is under construction more trail information coming soon

These are some great trails in Gadsden, Alabama. They are located at the Noccalula Falls Park. The access to all of the trails starts on the main trail named the Black Creek Trail. The trail system is composed of many short loops and has something for everyone. The Black Creek Trail system is very popular with walkers and runners. Bikers should always yield to pedestrians. Very often when meeting walkers they will step off of the trail and motion you through. Most users here are very courteous whether walkers, runners, or bikers.

The longest loop here is only about 1.5 miles, but the Black Creek Trail system offers almost 14 miles of trails. To ride every trail and every loop you would ride many more miles than the 14 miles. The layout of loops is confusing for first timers, but most riders and walkers quickly find their favorites.

The trails are free to ride with no fee. Park in the paved parking near the wedding chapel before entering the campground at Noccalula Falls to access the trails.

Below are maps of the Trail System.
The maps are pdf files or jpeg images and should print out very good in color. If printed in black and white the trails will be difficult to separate from each other. Most of the time official maps are available there for free.

The links to the first two map images are scans of the original map and the two sheets fit together evenly to create a complete map of the trails. They are the same size as the original map.

The links to the second two images are enlarged maps that have the surrounding area around the trails cropped off. They do not fit together evenly and the right half will be about three inches above the left half when the trails align on the two map halves. These larger maps are easier to use.


Below are links to maps of the Black Creek Trails.
They are in pdf format and are designed to print easily from your computer.

Black Creek Trails Original Map - Left Half pdf Black Creek Trails Original Map - Right Half pdf
Black Creek Enhanced Map - Left Half pdf Black Creek Enhanced Map - Right Half pdf
Black Creek Trail Marker Chart pdf

Below are the jpeg files for the maps.
They will not print correctly from some browsers, but will from others.
I have included them here so that the jpeg can be downloaded and
cropped or modified to suit individual riders.

Black Creek Trails Original Map - Left Half Black Creek Trails Original Map - Right Half
Black Creek Trails Enhanced Map - Left Half Black Creek Trails Enhanced Map - Right Half
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